(for string quartet, 2002)

Cirrus, Cirrocumulus and Cirrostratus are all names of cloud formations to be found in the upper region of the Troposphere. In this musical context they form a trilogy of pieces based on the same underlying compositorical idea. Cirrus or Cirro- is latin meaning a lock of hair. That is: individual hair put together in a collective bundle. Thus, all the pieces including Cirrus attempt to create a balance between individual and collective behaviour, where each individual voice brings forth the same musical material but always in slightly different ways.
Cirrus was commissioned by WDR-WestDeutche Rundfunk Köln.

Cecilie Ore

Chamber music

string quartet

duration: 15:00

commissioned by WDR-WestDeutche Rundfunk Köln

score available through

recording: Fabra FBRCD-05

Cecilie Ore
  • Come to the Edge! (excerpt)
  • This excerpt from Come to the Edge! is made possible with kind permission from BBC Radio 3. The work is performed by BBC Singers and conducted by Nicholas Kok. //