Come to the Edge!

(for choir, 2013)

Freedom of speech is a fundamental premise in the development of any democratic society and the entire text in Come to the Edge! evolves around this central theme.

Quotes on freedom of speech by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, St. Catherine of Siena, Maggie Kuhn, Susan Jeffers, Lenny Bruce, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, William Shakespeare, Harry Belafonte and Pussy Riot constitute the main body of the text. In addition excerpts from the trial against Pussy Riot in Moscow 2012 are included. The poster-poem Come to the Edge! by Christopher Logue creates an overall form holding all the text fragments together.

The piece is dedicated to the brave members of Pussy Riot.

Come to the Edge! was commissioned by BBC Radio 3 and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival for the BBC Singers.

Cecilie Ore

Vocal music


s m a t bar b

texts: Cecilie Ore & Bibbi Moslet

duration: 19:00

commissioned by BBC Radio 3 and hcmf - Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

score available through

Cecilie Ore
  • Come to the Edge! (excerpt)
  • This excerpt from Come to the Edge! is made possible with kind permission from BBC Radio 3. The work is performed by BBC Singers and conducted by Nicholas Kok. //