Nunc et Nunc


3-3-3-3 4-4-4-0 perc:3 strduration: 29:30 approx.commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestraprogram note

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(for orchestra, 1994)

NUNC ET NUNC is the Latin expression for "now and now". The title reflects a preoccupation with time. The "now" containing both past and future. The moment extended into a fluid present where a non-linear sound world appears. And within this world there are sudden "cuts" into the substance of time creating dramatic discontinuities in the overall continuous flow. Thus NUNC ET NUNC.

Technically speaking NUNC ET NUNC is a time machine, a polyphonic clockwork ticking relentlessly. The machine is constructed to define matrices of time-points, networks of time relations controlling and triggering the spatial dimensions of the piece.

Time and space appear as complimentary dimensions. And complimentary opposites are essential in the construction of the pieces where the synchronized is contrasted with the unsynchronized, the linear with the non-linear, the symmetrical with the asymmetrical, the compressed with the expanded, the slow with the rapid, the soft with the strong etc..

NUNC ET NUNC was commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Cecilie Ore